About Tagrem

Tagrem is a modern technology services company solving problems in sales, marketing and service automation. An Oracle Gold Partner, Tagrem specializes in Oracle Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Sales and Service Teams, e-Commerce, Marketing Automation, Customer Relationship Automation (CRA), all in a mobile first world is the expertise you will find at Tagrem. The company services large and small companies from offices in San Diego, Toronto, Pune India and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 

With a large development team in four time zones, Tagrem operates 6*24 building software for the web and mobile either custom, on top of the Oracle platform or on our own Indition platform. Our team of implementation specialists ensure that all projects are completed on-time and our customers are getting 100% of the value out of the technology solutions they are deploying. Too many technology roll outs fail, you hear it all the time in the news, but not at Tagrem. 

Our digital marketing team will help those adopting modern automated marketing solutions to transform their organizations from campaign based thinking to engagement for life with each and every customer individually. From conception through to conversion, the Tagrem digital marketing team will improve the process and the ROI every step along the way. 

For those who are worried about PII (and that should be everyone), the Tagrem Security team works across all our customer engagements to make sure that your customers are properly taken care of and the organizations brand will not be tarnished. Security is something that should be an integral part of every technology solution. 

Get in touch with us, get to know us. Learn why Tagrem is the right partner for the next iteration of your sales, marketing and service solutions. 

Tagrem is a fast growing company looking to partner or acquire complementary companies in the United States.


Automated Marketing CRA™, Ecommerce, Mobile Apps, CRM, Application Hosting, Digital Agency Services, Venture Consulting, Managed Security Services, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud.

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